Company Registration Certificate

Company Registration helps to convert business ideas into profits and businesses. The entrepreneurs always come up with hundreds of ideas however to bring them into reality takes quite an effort. Company registration is the foremost step towards starting a company. Through this process a business can be legally established, conducted and managed by an entrepreneur.

There are few steps to be followed before securing a company registration certificate. First of all the business owner must decide on the structure of his company. It can be a private limited company, a public limited company, and a partnership with limited liability or a branch office of a foreign organization.

Once the company structure has been decided, then the name of the company needs to be finalized. The entrepreneur can go for any name except those which are considered unsuitable by the registrar. An already existing name cannot be used for registration.

All companies have to be registered under the companies Act 2006. The Memorandum and the Articles of Association need to be formulated for those companies seeking to acquire registration certificate. If you are not aware what these documents are for, they outline the rules and regulations which form the legal basis of the company's conduct with third parties, shareholders and directors.

The Memorandum of Association includes the company’s registered office along with the other details. The company’s internal affairs are governed by the Articles of Association.

  • Select a name for the company
  • Apply for Directors Identification Number and Digital Signatures
  • Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Filing of documents with the Registrar
  • Payment of Fees
  • Get Registration Certificate

Generally the time taken for registration in India is between a few hours up to 3 months.